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Cardiologists at home

Request a home cardiologist. You can be visited by a cardiologist directly at your home or hotel or where you feel most comfortable and at ease.

Best Care doctors provide you with home medical assistance in Rome directly to your home or anywhere else: in a hotel, office, residence.

24/7, including holidays.

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The cardiological visit performed by the Cardiologist is the basic evaluation for establishing the presence or absence of an ongoing cardiac pathology and deciding on the usefulness of instrumental tests or any therapies.

With the electrocardiographic examination, the cardiologist is able to obtain a series of information on the functionality of the heart, including:

  • Examine the rhythm of the heart
  • Finding signs of previous heart attacks
  • Highlight signs of ISCHEMIA of the heart tissue (myocardial infarction)

Cardiologist at home in Rome; concierge doctors Best Care.


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